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The 15th was just a travel day, to bring us half the way to Chapel Hill, N.C. We stayed in a camp in Statesville, which was in the back of the beyond again, but had full hookups and cable t.v. We walked around and met a few of the 30+ people who live there full time. It was warmer, so we didn't need the heater for the first time in a few days.

Yesterday, we spent with a couple that we knew years ago in Bay Shore. We were all in Boy Scouts together, as Den Mothers and Den Leaders. They had 5 boys who were all in our 4 boys age ranges. Marie and I hung out a lot together and exchanged mothering notes. Now, all their boys live in different states and one of them died piloting his small plane some years ago. But when we get together (and they've lived in N.C. for 23 years) it's as though only a few days have passed.

Chapel Hill is a college town and there is always something to see and do. There are fine museums nearby, playhouses and concert halls and some truly lovely arboretums, including the Doris Duke Gardens near the University.

We walked all through one of the arboretums and it was HOT! We are back in 80+ weather now, with humidity not too bad, but the sun is intense. Now we can leave our windows open at night again.

After a great day of walking and talking and a huge dinner (Italian mothers cook for 20 when there are 5 guests) we parted for another year with promises to spend more time together next year.

Now we are in Washington, N.C. in a nice campground which is also a permanent community. Tomorrow and the next day, we'll be visiting Ken's cousin and her husband and also her daughter and HER two girls.

North Carolina is an extremely beautiful state; it's roads are planted and landscaped and a delight to drive along. In the college areas of Chapel Hill and Raleigh/Durham, stores and restaurants are many and very scenic. If not for the fact that all of our boys, daughter-in-law and grandson are all on or near Long Island, I wouldn't mind living here myself. (Of course, there is the Summer, when the temps hover in the 90's for days at a time, with 100% humidity)!

Tonights pics are cute things seen along the road.......
Just 3 chipmunks? out for a ride!A Happy Meal!!
                        A grocery bag with attitude!
A very pampered cat in out Franklin campsite
Billboard trucks; they park somewhere and advertise their product.
One trucker's philosophy. :-D
An interesting double bridge in the Mississippi Delta.
These lovely flowers grew in swathes along the Georgia roads.
Here are a few I could capture as we drove.
Who else puts these stick family figures on their car?
Ken at one of the many beach souvenier shops in Biloxi.
A  friendly sign in the same store. :-)

Got to sign off so I can do a little reading. I'm slogging through another free book in my Nook, "A Tale Of Two Cities". It remains to be seen if I make it all the way to the end. I read it in High School, anyway.

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It was the best of times... It was the worst of times...

One of the very few books I know the opening of by heart.

Do you know what this one is - "Last night, dreamed that I went to Manderlay again"

"Rebecca"! One of the strange things about that book, like "The Road", the narrator has no name.

"It's a far, far, better thing I do than I have ever done; It's a far, far better rest I go to than I have ever known." That's the other line from the book that everyone knows.

How about, "As God is my witness, I'll never be hungry again!"

Next classic will be "Wuthering Heights". (HEATHCLIFFE, HEATHCLIFFE).

I don't enjoy the Austin / Bronte books I'm afraid. Have you ever read any Mervyn Peake?

Dickens, Austin, Bronte, Hawthorne, all of that ilk are very wordy. It can be difficult to wade through them. I'm really only reading them because they came free with the Barnes & Noble Nook. If I've seen the movie, it helps with the reading; I can visualize the actors.

Not sure... Sounds like perhaps John Steinbeck?

Scarlett O'Hara, standing in the ruined fields of Tara after she escaped from the Yankees in Atlanta!

In the movie, this is where the intermission comes in. It's a 4 hour movie! I think I've read the book about 6 times. Whole passages are in my head!

If music be the be food of love, play Bunny Tunes!
Love Friska.

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