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We went to our next campground after Biloxi, only to find that it was a wreck. It was for sale, no one was in the office and there was a sign telling campers to pick any site, but to check the electric and the water at the site, because not all of them were working! We had our lunch in the parking lot, turned around and went to Stone Mountain, Georgia after all. Wise choice, as we had a nice site with full hook-ups.

We rode the tram car to the top of the mountain again and walked around in the sun for an hour or so. There is a carving on the mountain side of Robert E. Lee and two of his generals, which is the height of a 9 story building and is larger in size than Mount Rushmore. On certain nights (not the night we were there) a laser light show accompanied by music is played on the carving. The last time we were there, it was so cold that we wore all our winter clothing and wrapped ourselves in the quilt from the bed to sit and watch it.

Here's some of the pics of  St. Mt......
The entrance to the Sky Ride
The complete carving; 9 stories high.
Seen from the tram car.
Top of the mountain
Trees and small mosses and lichens grow on the top; very hardy specimens.
A view of Stone Mountain Lake.
The mountain is exposed for 2 miles in length and continues underground for another 9 miles. It is estimated to weigh over 1 trillion tons.
          The mountain from the ground.You can just see the tram station at the top.

Here also are some pics I took in Biloxi.....
This is when we crossed the Mississippi Delta.
On the destination plate of the bus it says: VWONVIAGRA.

After 2005's Hurricane Katrina, when so much of Biloxi was destroyed by water, these sculptures were created from the Live Oak trees that were killed. We were pleased to see that after 7 years, a lot of the empty properties are now for sale, as litigation has mostly ended.

This sign was on the beach in Biloxi; another reminder of what once was....

and this is the beach they fought for....
Notice that it took 8 years to accomplish their goal.

We're in Franklin, North Carolina now, since the 8th, but that's pics for another day.

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I love seeing your pictures. It feels like we are all on the journey with you.

I'm glad you and others love to watch. I feel as though I'm taking a lot of friends along. :D

Biloxi is a playground for gamblers, though there are a few other things around to see. We gamble a small amount and then we eat at the casino buffets. After not going for 2 years, we still had some earned points on our playing cards. It was great weather while we were there and we did some walking around the area. It's good to see the coastal area coming back to somewhat the way it was before Hurricane Katrina.

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