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Well, we've now left Biloxi behind (along with some of our money) and we're in Alabama. Only for one night, though. Tomorrow, we'll be in Georgia, again for one night. I need a scorecard to tell where I am!

We did have fun in Biloxi; I played some entertaining games and we ate at some delicious buffets. Now, it's back to bread and water! Those dessert bars can really cause some weight gain! And how can one realistically eat the salad when there are so many mouth-watering choices in front of one? :D

We did walk the I-10 Loop, which takes us under the highway and back again. But I think I would have had to walk it a lot more than once to balance out the buffets.

Once again, we were incredibly lucky weather-wise, with the rain coming only at night. Now that we are somewhat further North, it's cooler at night and we've got blankets on the bed again. I just hope that it's still shorts weather when we get home, but I don't know; April on Long Island.........

This camp we're in now is a defunct KOA and is bare bones. I think it's mostly permanent live-ins. Full hookups, but no t.v. Good thing I can download my programs to the laptop.

I've read all of the print books I picked up along the way and am now deep into my Nook and several long books I've downloaded. Just finished the latest Nevada Barr book also and will be moving on to the Ken Follett doorstop "Fall of Giants" which I understand is the first part of a trilogy.

My honey is waiting to get online, so I'm just posting one pic tonight; saw this on the back of a truck full of NASA/astronaut equipment.....

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We have a good friend living in Birmingham Alabama

We passed by all the places that figured so much in the struggle for racial equality; Selma, Birmingham, Montgomery. Sobering memories of all the terrible and brave things that happened in those cities.

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