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Well, now we're in Mississippi and the weather has been........not so good so far. Last night treated us to a hellacious thunderstorm, with mega-lightning and strong winds and hail mixed in, just to make it more exciting. It continued that way until about noon. Since then it's just been cloudy, but the sky promises more rain. I forgot how intense the storms are in this area of the country in Spring.

Last night, also, a woman died in a unit a few sites away. Her husband was in the hospital following a stroke and someone had been checking on her; she died during the night. A lot of this campground is permanent live-ins, so many of the people knew her. Sad; especially for the husband.

We took ourselves to a few casinos and willingly gave them some of our money in exchange for some playing fun, a few drinks and some food. Almost a fair exchange, I guess.

A lot of the area has come back from Hurricane Katrina; many of the vacant lots where houses stood are now for sale and some new casinos are being built to replace the old, washed-away ones. Some businesses have built on the shore again, although it still is very empty compared to what it used to look like. Down here, it's just a matter of time until a big storm comes again to take it all away.

We'll be here until Saturday, when we move on to Alabama for a night, undoubtedly poorer but no wiser!

Tonights' pics are simply fun things seen along the way.......

This is the moon (obviously) and Vega, the star I've been watching since last Summer. A Zero-magnitude star. (Not a great picture, I know, but I love watching that star).

This is the railroad company's car which rides the rails on little attached wheels to make sure the tracks are all clear.
A Frog-Mobile!

The top of the Frog-Mobile!

Lots of truckers like to paint personal things on the backs of their truck cabs.
Saw this in FL, by a bail bonds store. Generally, bail bonds, pawn shops and XXX businesses are near all Service bases.
This guy flew over the Long Point camp; notice that he's waving to me as I take his picture!

This little Casita used to be painted pink, with flowers all painted on it. Now it's pale yellow, with a deer painted on it.

An orchid from a show in Fort Pierce.

The orchid I thought was the most beautiful, looks like a Lady Slipper flower.

Another beauty!

A Fort Pierce, FL sculpture made from various signs from Fort Pierce.

A sculpted horse in the same park.

The large blank space in this post was another pic of an orchid which, inexplicably would not load.

I know that the price of gas is still going up, but tonight, we pulled into a station and when we finished pumping and pulled out, the price had gone up 2 cents a gallon while we pumped! Arrrggghhhh!

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wonderful Pics! I always enjoy them!

Hugs, Hare

Hugs to you, too, Hare. I read on your FB that you don't drive anymore. Was your eye op not a full success?

Una would have liked that Casita when painted pink!

It's very cute and the older couple who own it come to that park every year. They set flower boxes of impatiens all around the base of it. It's quite the smallest Casita I've seen; looks like just room enough for two people to lie down in.

Mum loves orchids. Mum have three little orchid and a great one, but now they have lost their flowers,and flowers never come to grow back ,it's damage .


There were so many gorgeous orchids in that show and so many different kinds, from huge to tiny, all shapes and all colors. I wanted to take them all home with me! But my favorite was the pale pink slipper-looking one. I guess they like to be warm all the time; they do grow wild in parts of Florida and in the tropics.

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