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We've been in Blackwater State Park in FL for the last 3 days. What a nice park this is! 2 years ago, the parks dept. spent $2 mil and updated the park. Full hookups, gravel site pads, paved roads and new bathrooms and showers. It's a delight! Our site has such nice tree and brush coverage, I don't even have to close the shades when I shower!

There's 3 trails here and we walked them all; Chain of Lakes, Juniper Lake and the Nature trail. No mosquitos and no poison ivy! Oddly enough, there aren't too many birds in evidence. I saw cardinals and one great blue, but with all this river water, no osprey or eagles  or wading birds.

This river is very pristine; it winds and creates sandbar/beaches that can be swam or rowed to and camped and picnicked on. We rented a canoe, they drove us to the drop-off point and we floated 4 miles in 2 leisurly hours, hardly having to paddle except to steer around tree snags in the water. We stopped off on several of the beaches, including one I named "TicTacToe Beach" because someone there before us had drawn giant TTT games in the sand. Next year (we are definitely coming back here), we'll bring sand chairs and lunch so we can picnic on the beaches.

We're leaving tomorrow for Biloxi, Mississippi and some of their famous casinos. Got lots of laundry to do, also.

Our site; very posh!
                                    Someone built this little castle in the sand.
More of the river; a lot of trees have fallen into it over the years; they lurk under water and must be looked for when canoeing.
This pic below is where we had to take our canoe out of the water; we could leave it and the park picked it up.
This is the Granddaddy Graybeard tree: Chionanthus Virginicus; it grew in the campground.

A closeup of it's flowers.

Juniper Lake

                          Some of the kayakers on the river.

This is a great example of recycling; I've seen this in other parks; they made this cart out of old park signs! Waste not. want not!

A new beach in the making, being created by a fallen tree.

One of the sandbar beaches on the Blackwater.


While we were floating, we stopped by a beach to watch a Pileated Woodpecker climb down an eroded cliff face and eat bugs out of the dirt! He's such a majestic bird!

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Lubbly photos.
I likes the one of the sandcastle.......don't it make ya want to run and jump on it ?

Yep, we could have splashed through the river; it's only about 2 1/2 feet for most of it's length, with some deep holes thrown in for contrast.

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