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Today, we walked some of the trails in Torreya Park. Took the Weeping Ridge Trail, which led us to a place where the ground water seeps through and drips down over a small ridge into a shallow pond. You could tell that in the rainy season, it would make a nice little river.

Then we walked another trail which started in back of the Gregory House and sloped down to the Apalachicola River, which was surprisingly deep, wide and fast. We were told that Eagles fly over the river; didn't see any but I think we heard them calling from the other side.

On all these trails, it's very advisable to bathe in mosquito spray beforehand! Although the park ranger told us there were a goodly number of ticks, thankfully we didn't pick up a one! There's no bug I hate more than a tick!

The trail to the river also had the most poison ivy I've seen in a long time. My gaze was concentrated on the ground most of the time we were walking. Heard a lot of birds, but they were too hard to see in the dense woods.

I did see some Cardinals and a Carolina Wren in our site. The Wren is such a loud singer for it's size! Saw what I believe was a Fox Squirrel also, but I couldn't get a good pic; too much grass and trees.

This afternoon, it started to rain; just a slow rain, but now it's turning into a thunderstorm. We have been so lucky; so far, it's only rained at night or when we were done with all the outdoor things we planned to do.

Tomorrow, we move on to another back of the beyond "real FL" park. We'll be in Central Time for about a week, so for tomorrow, our day will be 25 hours long!

Here's what I captured of Torreya Park......

The Gregory House was moved across the river by the CCC in 1935, after the last Gregory deeded it to the state park.

These are spider webs covered in dew in a tree outside our site.
Inside each web, which becomes invisible when the dew dries, is a tan spider about 1/16 inch in length.
A baby Robin; he fluttered along the ground and I thought he was injured, but he was still learning to fly.
This is called something like "Granddaddy Greybeard Tree" Reminds me of Spider Lilies.
A butterfly on our walk to the Old Stone Bridge!
The Old Stone Bridge, courtesy of the CCC in 1935.
A Blue-Tailed Skink!The Weeping Ridge
The Apalachicola River
My Carolina Wren

Lots more rain now, looks like an all-nighter.

Today, I'm remembering Sue; she would have been 47 today. Love ya, Sue.

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remembering too. Beautiful pics as well

Wasn't that a marvelous pic of Sue that Andy put on his FB? I hadn't seen that one before. She sure was lovely.

Yes, Sue was lovely inside and out. I have the bunny pillow she sent me in the car.When I tuck it under my hip, it allows me to ride in the car without pain.

Hugs to you my friend,

How wonderful; Sue is still bringing happiness and help to the people she loved! Hugs back at ya, my friend.

this seems to be a beautiful forest.
I would go for a walk in a forest (in my bun buggy), but 2foots say it is still a little cold to walk through the woods.
I like the songs of Auntie Sue, I'll vote for her today (Bunny Mountain) .
Emy Rose

It is very nice here. Right now, we're in Blackwater State Park, which has a lovely river we'll canoe on tomorrow.

Thanks for voting for Sue; "Bunny Mountain" was the last song she ever did.

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