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We are still in the back of the beyond, in Torreya State Park, near Bristol and we'll be here for another day. A Torreya is an endangered type of pine tree; there are only supposed to be about 200 left, in Japan, China, California and here. There is also one (1) in Bayard Cutting Arboretum back home on L.I. Here they are trying to root shoots of the tree, to prevent it from becoming extinct.

We took a guided tour of the Gregory House which is here in the park, having been moved in 1935 across the Apalachicola River to here, by the CCC. We were the only 2 on the tour, which made it fun. The house is pre-Civil War; Jason Gregory used to own 3500 acres before the war.

Then we took one of the trails to the old Confederate cannon embankments (just large pits in the ground now) and down to a view of the river. Also, we walked another trail to the Old Stone Bridge, also built by the CCC. It's really amazing what all those young men learned to do during the Depression. Most of our parks all across the nation have buildings, roads, bridges built by the CCC.

I'm going to post the rest of my Legoland pics tonight. I enjoyed that place so much! Tomorrow, I'll put up some pics of this park. It's so far back in the woods it took us about 1/2 hour of driving to get here from the main road. Just across the river is the Central Time Zone and a Verizon cell tower that has changed the time on our cell to Central Time! What a nerve!

The Golden Gate Bridge; 22 feet long.
Telegraph Hill. (I think). It's that twisty, windy, San Francisco street, anyway.The Statue of Liberty!The Empire State Building, 20 feet tall.Rockefeller Center
The Prometheus Fountain in R.C. with working water spouts. Fire engines and tugboats and water parks had working water also.True to life!
The Venetian Hotel and Casino in Vegas, also true to life.
The New  York, New York Casino in Vegas. It has a little sign by it, saying that since the N.Y.,N.Y. in Vegas is a miniature of the real city, this Lego depiction is a miniature of a miniature!
The Excalibar Casino, one of the more fantastical ones in Vegas.The Luxor; at night, a shaft of white light is projected from the top and can be seen all over the Strip.

The only thing omitted from the N.Y. N.Y. miniature was the roller coaster on top of the Empire State, which is a real working coaster. For those of you who watch CSI, you'll remember Bill Peterson riding it sometimes at the end of the show.

Well, that's the end of Legoland. I took quite a few more pics when I was there, but these are the best. Hope you enjoyed them!