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Yesterday and today were simply travel days, to bring us closer to where we want to be in a few more days.

Last Sunday, we met an old elementary school classmate of Ken's and his wife for lunch at a place called Manny's Chophouse. It was full of old metal street sighs and road signs and all that sort of thing. The American Pickers would have been deliriously happy. The food was good and Ken and his friend John recognized each other in spite of it being 60 some years between meetings! We had a most enjoyable time and now we have someone else to visit when we come down to FL next year.

Monday we took ourselves to Universal Studios to see Harry Potter again. This time, I didn't take my camera so we avoided the line for lockers (nothing is allowed to be carried on the ride) but we still waited on line for 2 hours. We both decided that we like the ride, but that's the last time we'll go. Universal is much more expensive that Disney and they charge $50 for an Express Pass for the rides, whereas Disney's is free!

After H.P. we rode on the Jurassic Park River Adventure, where we got fairly well wet. Since it was a hot day, we dried out in good time. Then we rode Popeye and Bluto's River Rat Barges. We couldn't have gotten any wetter if we had stood under a roaring waterfall! We were so wet that we actually put $5 in the People Dryer and stood in the heat lamps and hot air for about 10 minutes, which made us not LOOK so wet, anyway. But it was FUN! Thank goodness for the hot sun!

On Saturday, we went to Legoland, a new park which opened in Oct. I treated Ken, as it was a bit pricey. But Miniland was so worth it; I felt like someone with the greatest doll houses in the world to play with! Plus, I met a clerk in the gift shop who admired my bunny earrings ( I inherited them from Sue and I wear a pair each day in her honor) and she told me her name was Anna Rabbit!

Here's some of my favorite pics from Legoland. I hope they please other miniature lovers like me. ^_^

Kennedy Space Center in Cape Canavaral
The Castillo de San Marcos in St. Augustine

Sloppy Moe's (Joe's) bar in Key West, where Hemingway used to drink.
The marker which stands at the very tip of Key West and says "90 miles to Cuba"
The Jefferson Memorial in Washington D.C.
                                                                      The Washington Monument

The Lincoln Memorial; Lincoln's only surviving son was there for the dedication of the real monument.
The White House, with the Presidential helicopter on the back lawn.
The Capitol Building
The back of the Capitol. The marching band shown actually marched around the ovals, with their legs moving back and forth.

It's getting late, so I'm going to post the rest of the pics tomorrow. We are in the back of the beyond again, so there's no t.v. and I have loads of time. Tomorrow, we're taking a tour of an historic house here in the park, which is Torreya State Park, by the way. Torreya is a rare type of evergreen tree which is on the verge of extinction,as there are only 200 or so known trees left.

This last one is for all the bunny lovers out there. These buns were about 18" long. All of Legoland Miniworld used about 300 million Lego bricks!

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Loved the Legoland pics. When we were in Clearwater Boden found the brochure at the hotel and got Chris to promise a trip there before too long. It looks great, but he'll want to play with the legos like most 4 year olds.

There's a great place where they can build with them and other activities for young ones. Fortunately, all the creations are firmly glued together as a guard against little fingers!

What cool Pics! and what a very cool place!

It was definitely cool, especially if, like me, doll houses were one of your favorite things as a little girl. I well remember a cardboard one and an aluminum one I had.

Whoa! Thus bun pics have made my eyes feel all pixelated.

They are really special, aren't they? And so cute!

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