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we're camped next to this casinoStratosphere: there are rides inside this tower2 hotels on the stripLas Vegas' nicknameinside the Venetian Casino and hotelthe samemonorail which runs on the stripwalkway over the roadsVenetian outdoorsthis one's for you, AndyHarrah's casinoCaeser's PalaceFlamingo casinoParis casinosameCasino!Chrysler bldg, NY,NYpart of another casinoLuxor casino,it shoots a beam of light from it's apexa bun who works at the Luxorinside Luxorthe Eastside Cannery casino, with ever-changing neonI watch this display outside our window every nightIt has endless color permutationsAndy's bubble-wrapped cow skull, looking like a headless baby.  It's gotten really late here (11:50 p.m.) so I will post the Death Valley pics tomorrow.(=^-^=)
Went looking for a charger for my old (6 years) camera batteries, but,alas, as cameras go, it is a dinosaur. So, $325 dollars later, I own a new camera that does more things than my old one, plus a camera chip that will hold about 5 times more pictures, some batteries and a new case. Good thing I only lost $3 dollars in the casino today. Tonight, we went to the Palazzo casino to see the long-running show "Jersey Boys", the backstory of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Really fun, we knew all the songs from the late 50's thru the 70's. Had burgers at Johnny Rockets in the casino, then walked outside on the strip and watched the volcano erupt at the Mirage. Here are the pics I couldn't post the last 2 days. (=^-^=)

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Oooooh, Auntie, I'm so pleased you remembered all my shopping tips - why buy just a battery charger when you could have a nice, new, shiny and expensive camera toy to play with. Which camera model did you buy?

Keep spending lots, auntie. Shopping is the bestist hobby you can have!

Ever helpful...
Dame Maddie Bun
Profeshunal Shoppererer

PS Mum has a universal charger that will charge all lithium batteries providing the contacts are on one side, but you don't want one of those, you NEED a new camera, or two....

I bought an Olympus; it can even take panoramic shots. Now I just have to learn how to use it! My batteries were square rechargeables; no one carries the charger anymore. While I might have been able to buy one on-line, that wouldn't do me any good right now. Spending lots has never been my top priority, but I seem to be doing it well on this trip! How often do you get out to the shops? Does your Mum take you on a regular basis? As you say, what else are the pesky pieces of paper for?

Eeugh that bubble wrap is horrible!

Heard that the Jersey Boys is a great show and the Dame has excellent Camera tips. Mum is delighted with her advice!

Bruno xx

The bubble wrap does look a little scary, but it protects everything. Cow skulls, when the cow is not outside of them, are rather fragile. Jersey Boys was fabulous; the music was all the songs of my dating years (and beyond). I'm going to fool around with my new camera tomorrow and get to know it.

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