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Yesterday we spent the day at Epcot, in Disney World. We decided on this park this year because HGTV has sponsored a topiary and garden expo throughout Epcot. Needless to say, it was so pretty! It's marvelous how they create those figures!

We walked through Epcot in the morning, taking the Space ride (this year there was a gentler version that didn't give me motion sickness). Then we took the Test Track ride, which is fast cars on a controlled track, inside and outside the building. Just at the end, something broke down and we and several other cars were left sitting in the re-entry tunnel for about 20 minutes! We tried to get a ticket for 'Soarin, but it's so popular that there was a wait of 65 minutes and even the FastPass was not usable for another 4 hours! So we had lunch and then saw a 3-D film "Captain EO" . It was from 1986 and starred Michael Jackson. It was cute.

Then we walked over to the World Showcase and looked at all the countries pavilions again. There is Norway, Mexico, China, Germany, Italy, America, Japan, Morocco, France, United Kingdom and Canada. Each country offers native entertainment, food and shopping. We saw a good juggler show in Italy. The topiaries were all over the place; I had a great time taking pics of them. We rode a boat across the lagoon to have dinner in China.  We also saw the Taiko drummers of Japan; 3 women who play enormous drums, about 4 feet high and 10 feet long.

This is the South and all the males call me "Ma'am", regardless of their age. I know it's good manners, but I feel old when I hear "Ma'am"!

Here's some of the lovely topiaries in Epcot:

Most of you probably recognized those Disney characters, but does anyone know what kind of tree this is?

Tomorrow, we're going to have lunch with an old friend of Ken's, from elementary school! It will be a day that we won't walk our feet down to little stubs. And I'll post the rest of the topiaries. Good night, all!

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Great pictures. Disney always does things up right. I've decided I would rather be "m'am" than "Honey", "sweetie pie" (from a surgeon I had to see) or "sugar". Enjoy!

I'm hoping I get to see the HGTV show of the topiaries; they sponsored this; heard it cost $30 Mil.

The South does have a unique way of titling women doesn't it, and most of the words have to do with food!

Mum love the "Dragon" picture ,and Dad love the "Bamby" picture with the little bun ,in france his name is "PanPan".
what tree this is ? I don't know but the fruit seems to be like my fur ,teeheee !


Here, the bunny's name is Thumper, the deer is Bambi and the skunk is Flower. The tree is a Silk Floss Tree, from South America. My son looked it up on Wikipedia. Inside those fluffy growths are small black seeds.

Ah yes, saw this after I posted. Ignore my mail, this looks much more likely.

No, thanks for taking the trouble. I often don't think of how to look things up.

Try this tree http://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/Ceiba_pentandra

Kapok tree, or silk cotton tree. It has thorns and if you scrole down to the pictures of the fruit they look vaguely similar, but this one must have been introduced.

Just a guess.

That's right, my son looked it up on Wikipedia. It comes from South America, but it thrives in FL climate also. The thorns are used to store water against dry times. Thanks for recognizing it for me, also.

The Oriole pic is gorgeous!

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