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(no subject)

Today we left Long Point and drove to a KOA in Kissimmee, so we could drive to Disney World. We spent the afternoon in Downtown Disney, where it's all restaurants and stores. The great thing about D.D. is that it doesn't cost anything to go there; any money you spend will be because you wanted to buy something.  We're about 15 minutes from D.W.

Ken by the T-Rex Restaurant

Legoland is there; kids can play and build with the blocks for no cost at all. 'Course , there's lots of Lego to buy also. This was the Seven Dwarves.

The Dragon Slayer is enormous; I wish there was a sign saying how many bricks were used in the displays and how long it took to build them.

                     The Slayer!
Just a bunch of tourists.
A small Lego Bunny with carrot.
2 large buns with carrots!Buzz Lightyear himselfThis Irish restaurant has fabulous food and drinks!Ken and friend outside the Raglan.A thethered balloon ride in D.D. We did it last
                                        year; you get a good view of D.D.A lovely Egret enjoying D.D. and the lake.Mickey and Minny
Daisy, Donald and friend.
My 3 new Jiminy Cricket additions!  The oval one is a small box. The tiny one is a pin. The colorful one is just gorgeous!

We walked around D.D. for 2 hours and had some Ghirardelli ice cream. Then we went to the movie dine-in theatre, where we saw "John Carter", sat in reclining chairs with a table in front of them and had Chicken fingers, Blackened Salmon, wine and beer, served by a waitress! It was a most pleasant experience!

Then we drove back to the camp and enjoyed the fact that we have t.v. reception again. Beautiful night; soft breezes. I saw an eagle on our drive over here!

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sounds like a wonderful time!

It is! It Is! We're having a great time!

I prefur my orgasmic carrots to the lego type!

I know, but it's what was available at the time.

We made two recent passes through Downtown Disney too. It is rather enjoyable. The day we returned from our Disney Cruise we were the first ones there on Sunday morning. There were SO MANY things I could have bought, but just picked up a souvenir for our next door neighbors.

I just love walking around there, watching all the people and strolling through the stores. The ice cream's not bad, either. ^_~

Mum and Dad love free visit ,then they can buy some "souvenir", some things and specialy some foods ,and some treats for me .
I love your Jiminy Cricket small box .

Emy Rose

Thank you; his face is also on the other side of the box. I wonder what makes any one thing special to any one person? For me, it's Jiminy Cricket.

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