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So far, we've only had 2 tiny rain showers here, for which I'm glad. This is how our site looked when we took possession: We parked gingerly on the tiny high spot that would enable us to step out the door onto relatively dry ground.

We've driven to Pelican Island, the first National Wildlife Refuge created in the U.S. It came about in 1911, thanks to Teddy Roosevelt. Saw some Blue-Winged Teal and some Greater Scaup, with some Wood Storks at a great distance away.Blue-Winged Teal

The next day, we saw Ken's brother and sister-in-law for the last time until next year. They drove over from Fort Pierce and we all went to dinner at Cap't Hiram's , a local seafood restaurant.

We've been kayaking every day and spending time with our old friend, RIch. We met them camping in FL some years ago, when his wife was still alive. Now we run into Rich fairly often and we all enjoy each others' company.Had him over for dinner a few times and he and Ken are over in Sebastian fishing right now.

This Killdeer is from the Savannas. They lay their eggs right on stony ground, with no nest of any kind. If someone approaches too closely, one of them will walk away trailing a wing as though it's broken, hoping to lead the intruder away from the eggs. They are masters of disguise! Years ago, we blew a tire driving into the Everglades. While waiting for the roadside assistance, I spent my time watching a flock of Killdeer on their nests nearby. Suddenly a hawk flew over and they all pressed down into the ground and even though I was watching them with binoculars, I could not see a sign of them! After the hawk passed, they all stood up again. Amazing!

One of the best things about FL is the clouds that fill the sky. This camp has 360 viewing and the clouds are spectacular!

I think I mentioned the Wood Stork here who has lost the bottom half of his right leg to ?something? He still walks very well and can hold his own with the other birds, as you can see.

That's about all for today. I'm going out to walk while the sun is out; rain is expected later. The circumference of this camp is exactly 1 mile; I've been walking it at least 3-4 times a day. Got to compensate for those Jelly Bellys somehow!

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awesome pics! Fantastic clouds!

The clouds never cease to amaze me; looks as though I could walk on them!

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