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We're in Long Point now, which is near Sebastian in FL. It's a nice camp; we were lucky enough to get a site with a nice water frontage, as the person who usually would be here went home early because of the mild winter. In this park, it's very hard to get the sites with premier frontage, as snowbirds come in Oct and stay until Apr. They book for the next year when they leave and they come year after year! Not really fair, but then, who said life is fair!

Still, we have a good spot this year to launch our kayak; next year we have a tiny tunnel through the mangrove trees.

There's an old friend here that we met in Montauk some years ago and we've run into him in FL from time to time. Had him over for dinner tonight and tomorrow we'll all go to Pelican Island Wildlife Refuge.

Still getting some brief, intense rain showers every day. In fact, our site was underwater the first day, as there was a 7 hour cloudburst a few days ago! It's drying out now, though, and we've put our mat down so the grass will stay outside.

Some years ago, in this camp, a mockingbird kept trying to build a nest in the front grill of the r.v. Every day she'd put grasses and such in the grill and we'd dislodge it. Finally, we taped garbage bags across the grill. I didn't want her to lay her eggs and then have us drive away with them!

I'm giving you some scenic pics tonight; all of them from Savannas.....The throat pouch, when inflated, is to attract female lizards, I would assume!MorningTwo geckos facing off.Another early mornAfter a rainThis little doggie would run back and forth and leap up and bark whenever we walked by!A mural of Manatees at the one-time Manatee Center in Fort Pierce. There ar e manatees in the water here.The March Hare I purchased at the White City Antique Store, for my garden.

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I think you will find that what you have is the white rabbit from "Alice". I really like it though.

Yes, he does look like that. Last year, we went to an art show in Naples that featured paintings by Grace Slick. She had some very fine White Rabbit creations. If not for the high prices, I would have bought one.

Interesting post, as usual. I assume the lizards are brown anoles?


Thank you, and yes, they are anoles. Sometimes they are patterened, sometimes striped, sometimes green.

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