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We had rain on and off all day on Sunday; spent it with the in-laws playing cards and eating dinner later on. On Monday, we visited a friend and his wife in Port St. Lucie. The guy used to work with Ken some years ago. We ate out at an authentically Irish restaurant called Shindigs run by an ex-patriate Irish couple. Great burgers!

Walking down to get the paper Monday morning, I saw a wild bunny from over on the golf course which abuts the campground, but alas, I didn't have my camera. I looked on the subsequent days, but didn't see him again.

Tuesday I walked and talked in camp with my sister-in-law; then later, we all played cards again before they took us to dinner at the Lobster Shanty, a few miles away in Vero Beach. Really good food and nice atmosphere, looking out right on the Indian River. Lovely to watch the boats go by while you eat.

For our last night here in Savannas, we had a spaghetti dinner cooked by the in-laws. Yummy! Tomorrow we will pull out of here and go about 40 miles to Long Point, in Sebastian. Right now, I'm enjoying a last deafening concert courtesy of the HUNDREDS of frogs in here. (I saw two who didn't survive the car traffic on the road today; one emerald green and one already reduced to incredibly thin bones by the ants).

I'm sincerely hoping that we have t.v. reception at the next camp. Ken worked so hard installing the t.v. and it hasn't worked in 3 weeks. I know from the wi-fi, when I order books for my Nook, that the signals here are weak and I hope that's the problem. As to my Nook, I found the site where all the free books to download reside, so I'm set for quite a while!

When I walked in the camp today, I think that I heard a gator sounding and making that bellowing they do when it's mating time. Everything else here is mating now, so why not the gators?

Here's some of the great variety of birds that were here in the Savannas this year......This caravan comes here every year; inside, it's got everything you could want; comes in a kit!One of the Sandhill Cranes bathing in the pond.The Green HeronSuch pretty colors!The morph stage of the Little Blue Heron, when he changes from white to blue.
The bird 3 pics above this one is the Tri-Colored Heron, first one I've seen here in some years.The Tri-Colored's  lovely back.

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Isn'tit great? The older couple who own it come to the Savannas every year. It looks so exotic; so far away from anything else you see.

wonderful wonderful! thanks for taking us along! I never get to go anywhere!

Hugs, D

Oh, I hope you get to travel somewhere soon. How are your eyes? Hugs, DCK

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