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Well, we've been having a small, intense shower every day for about 4 days now, and it's time for it to stop. I know that this area of FL is always in a drought, no matter how much rain they get. It's hard to replenish 10-15 years of being on the minus side of adequate rainfall. But having to close the windows in the r.v. every night is getting old really fast. The humidity really builds up inside. I'm not a fan of the air conditioner uness we really ahve ot use it. The air gets too cool and there are no outside world noises, which I enjoy.

At least the sun is out now, although the sky is still mostly clouds.

Yesterday, my sister-in-law took me to a local Orchid show, where I saw such beautiful and fantastic shapes and colors of orchids that I was overwhelmed! I will size some of the more exotic pics and post them in a day or so. (Having to upload them and then size them always keeps me behind).

After the orchid show, I had lunch with my sister-in-law and then Ken and I went to the movies to see "Act of Valor". It was good; ;ots of action, made more interesting by the fact that all the Seals and military people were really Seals and military people, not actors. It was a good 2 hours of entertainment.

Then, after eating the Jumbo tub of popcorn, we had dinner at Sonny's BBQ. I forsee larger clothing sizes and stretch waistbands if this eating orgy keeps up!

On Thursday, we'll be moving to another campground a few hours away, where we know no one, so maybe we'll get back to eating a little more sensibly. (If I can keep away from the Jelly Bellys)!

If today stays nice, I think we're going to take a walk somewhere with the relatives and then probably have dinner with them!

I'm posting some more pics so I can try and catch up with my store of them....Some of the amazing cloud formations we've seen.The camel, who somehow sneaked into the middle of the clouds, is a ride at the Shell Factory.A A friendly Shell Factory mouse.and  a lovely Shell Factory VW.The Immature White Ibis; first Spring and first Fall coloring.

The large grey spiky plant is a Yucca. (I don't understand why the pics don't go where I want them to)!A view of the park from the observation tower in the back.This is the canal we canoed upon.Mr. Cardinal!The only Kingfisher, I think.He never let me get close for a better shot.This is what a Strangler   
                                                                            Fig does to a tree; the seed is dropped on the top of the tree, where the vine grows until it reaches the ground, then it roots and grows back up and around the tree, eventually strangling it. The Bottle Brush Tree, called that because.....well, you can see why.

Got to stop for now and get ready for lunch. Sky is still very threatening, maybe a walk is not in our future for today.

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"Well, we've been having a small, intense shower every day for about 4 days now, and it's time for it to stop."

Try taking a longer, more relaxing shower instead.

Heeeee Heeeeee Heeeeeee! I'll think about it!

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