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Well, we went to see the Mets play the Marlins in a Spring training game yesterday. In true Mets fashion, they lost, 5-4, leaving several men on base as they always do. If this keeps up, I'll have to hide the fact that I'm a fan!

Bought some souveniers, though, and it was fun at the stadium. Wherever you sit the view is wonderful and the pizza was delicious! Then, we stopped at Ken's brothers and had more pizza for dinner! I guess I met my calcium allotment for the day!

We were going to see a movie the other day, but I mis-read the showing time in the paper and we got there after it started. So instead, we drove to Paneras and I claimed the free giant cookie they gave to me for my birthday. Mint Crackle! Yum! And I bought a Chocolate Chip cookie for Ken.

Later today, we're going to Ken's brothers and eat linguine with clam sauce! I can't seem to get away from food!

Here's the beautiful Bonsai trees from Heathcote Gardens.....

A flowering vine at the entrance.One 
                         of the orchids still blooming.They made things out of old tools!

The green plant above this pic is called a Hairy Ball Tree!This was in the Reflection Garden; it's a constant whirlpool.It's very hypnotic to watch the leaves being sucked down little by little.This is the man who created the Bonsais and donated them to the garden. Following are his creations.....The tree above this pic is a 120 year old Buttonwood.

Most of the trees are Ficus trees, which seem to lend themselves very well to the  training and shaping. A lot of them look like forests in miniature. I am fascinated by the tortured trunks, which makes them look so old. I would love to buy one, but aside from the cost, if I bought one and it died, I would be devastated! And reallly, where would I transport it in the motor home? We'd have to give up our dining table. Best to admire and walk away.

When I walked out to buy the morning paper today, I came upon the Red-Belliied Woodpecker pecking on the metal box that controls the electric gate to the park. Ouch! My beak!

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beautiful trees! and Hoppy Birthday My Friend! can't believe it's been a year since Matt Dillion sent you that cake. hahahah

Thanks! I could use a cake about now; I've got a sweet tooth. Those little trees are really something to see, aren't they? Such patience is needed to shape them.

Fantastic bonsai. I would never have the patience to give them sufficient care and attention to get them like that, but I love admiring other peoples efforts!

As do I. I'd be afraid that I would do something wrong and destroy an aged specimen. This man who I pictured has done this for most of his life.

Yor pikchas are lovely.
The third one of the wire insect looks like my nanneh on a good day.


My condolences! (Glad you like the pics).

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