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The weather here has been very windy as yet, and cold at night. We're using the space heater again. :-p It's supposed to warm up as the week goes on. The wind rocks us to sleep and makes the day a little on the cool side. Still, there's no rain and it's mostly sunny. :D

We attended the Bonsai exhibit at Heathcote Gardens; the trees structured by the bonsai master are absolutely unbelievably beautiful! As soon as I load and size the pics, I'll show you some of them.

It was a really cold day that Sunday, but we walked all around the gardens; saw the bonsai, the herb garden, the reflections garden. A lot is packed into a small area there. I bought myself a small symetrical succulent, which doesn't need any care (perfect) just full sun as often as it's around and which looks like it's going to have a flower stalk soon!

Yesterday, I made my annual visit to the White City Mercantile Antique Store, where I spent a happy hour and a half poking through the mazes of the rooms and looking at all the items there on consignment. I purchased a tall, very heavy March Hare for my garden. (pic to come).

Then in the afternoon, Ken and I and his brother drove to a park where there was an eagle's nest. We saw one of the eagles sitting on the nest. I took a few pics, but the nest was quite far and they are not great pics. Still, it was exciting to see the eagle. Don't see them very often in our part of the country.

Today, Ken's cousin and her husband, who live in N.C. where in FL to visit one of their kids and we all (with Diane and John) had lunch together and spent several hours just catching up. Ken and I will visit them again on our way home through N.C.

The cold has quieted the frogs down quite a bit, but there are still a few vocalizing tonight. Since all our windows are closed against the cold, we can't hear them as loudly as before.

Tomorrow is a free day; Ken will go to the beach to metal detect and I will do some laundry. It's good to have a day off once in a while.

More random pics.......A non-lethal Boa at the snake show in Naples ZooA Gila Monster; his venom is used to treat Type 2 DiabetesI believe this one was a venemous Boa, hence the hooks for handlingA ViperCottonmouthPuff Adder; very deadly!Seen on the
                  back of a truck while driving.Bug killing company truck.
                              Valentine's Day bear in Raintree RV.Ken at Corkscrew Swamp, with 2 crane friends.A sad little home.Statue at the Fort Myers art fair in the park.The Angry Birds!

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One was a simple garter snake, about a foot long; he ate goldfish. One was what was called a water snake; he was black on top with red and white diamonds on his belly. He also ate fish; I didn't want a larger snake because then their food progresses to mice (which you can buy frozen, but it's gross) and rats and rabbits! I also once had a DeKay snake; I've never seen another. He was about 8 inches long; brown with blue markings on his back. He was such a slow mover, I used to let him out for walks in the grass while I followed behind. I had him in a tank with a Hermit Crab, who unfortunately killed him one day. If I found another DeKay, I would have that as a pet. He could travel with us.

B used to have garter snakes years back

We used to see them in our yard, but it's been some years since the last one. In this campground, there is a Black Racer, non-venemous, about 3-4 feet long. They are quite fast and I've not been able to get a pic. Saw another one at a friends' house this afternoon.

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