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We've been keeping ourselves busy here; Thursday was a non-windy day, so we rented a canoe and paddled through the canals in the camp. Because of the huge growth of the pond lettuce in the water, we couldn't go up to the bridge the way we used to. Went as far as we could, then turned around and went the other way. Because of the great amount of water here this year, we were able to go all the way to the large back lake, something we haven't been able to do for some years. The grass areas are flooded and we oared our way right through the river of grass and into the lake, where terns and anhingas were flying over head. Clouds scudded up and there were little waves; it was fun!

Had dinner with the relatives and played cards. Next day we went to another of the Seminole Indian casinos, where I was the only one who walked away a winner! I put my $20 in the first machine I sat at and ran it up to $34 in the first 5 minutes. I took my winnings, went to the cafe, had a coffee and read my book till the others were ready to go. My kind of gambling! Then we drove back to Ft. Pierce and ate out again. Good-bye diet!

Today, Ken and I went to the Martin County Fair. Walked the Midway, watched the rides, saw performing horses and racing pigs (they were really funny. To keep them happy while they are in the little holding pens before the race, food is thrown in to them. When the gates opened, one pig stayed behind, eating all the food which was still on the ground. He had to be chases around the track)!

It has been really hot and humid here for some days, with today topping out at 88. But the next few days should be cooler, day and night. We had to resort to the a.c. tonight for the first time, the fans just weren't enough.

Oh, when we canoed, there were 3 frogs in the canoe when we turned it over. 2 of them we chased into the water with the paddles, but the 3rd kept evading us. I finally had to catch him with my hand and throw him bodinly into the canal. Sure hope I don't get warts! ^_~

Here's the birds we saw in Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary.....This Red-Shouldered Hawk was just posing and posing over the water, looking for food.Yellow Crowned Night Heron
                            AnhingaBeautiful head!Little Blue Heron

Walking by the canals today, I saw a Glossy Ibis, not often seen in these areas; a Green Heron sitting on the electric wires (very odd, usually seen only in bushes) making his "kywonk" sound. I never heard one vocalize before. Saw the nice head plumage of the breeding Little Blue, also.

Tomorrow, we're going to a Bonsai exhibit at a local garden. They have some fabulous trees that are over 100 years old and only 2-3 feet tall!

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Thanks; I love my birds. I switched to the new timeline on FB, because I accidently hit the button for it without meaning to; now I'm stuck with it! :-p

Love the pictures. That anhinga looks like a really special customer.

He was having a great hair day!

here, the birds sing very high, there are herons and raptors that pass over my burrow, when I see them I run away very quickly.


You should definitely avoid raptors; would a heron try to snatch you? I don't think the ones I see here could handle a bun; they eat fish and bugs.

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