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(no subject)
It's Leap Year Day! If I weren't already married, I could propose to someone! All you single women out there, this is your day!

I still walk my mile a day to get the daily paper (burning off calories, burning off calories). Lately, the first paper machine is always empty, necessitrating a 1/2 mile additon to my walk, to the next paper machine. Considering that the temps are about 80 by 8 in the morn and the humidity can also hover near 80, it gives me a good bit of exercise. (Sweating off calories, sweating off calories).

On the way, there are lots of birds on the wires, on the ground and flying past to keep me amused. This morn I saw the doves, the cardinal, 2 shrikes, lots of Grackles, boat-tailed and regular, ibis, egrets, a wood stork, killdeer and 2 mockingbirds, one of whom was doing his courting dance for the other.

This year, Savannas has wi-fi! It usually works, so I can download books to my Nook. I guess that almost makes up for the no t.v. reception.
Last night, we went out to dinner at Chili's with my sister and brother -in-law, then we played a card game "Hand and Foot" and finished up the chocolate birthday cake from Sunday. When we drove home, we saw the celestial show of the Moon and 2 planets all in a vertical line in the sky. Lovely!

Today, Ken's out fishing again with his brother and I'm hangin' in the campground. In a while, I'll take another walk and look for gators in the back of the camp. Haven't seen any yet this year.

Here's some little odds and ends of nature I've seen around......One of the many lizards around here                                     A soft-shell turtle on Merritt Island.They hardly ever come up on land. 
                                  Poison Dart Frog in the Naples Zoo; extremely dangerous; venom can kill ten men!Zebra Wing in Corkscrew Swamp                                    Black Banded Snake in Corkscrew, non-venomousThe lichen on things can be almost as pretty as a painting at times.Another Black-Banded in Corkscrew. Ken saw one in our site the other day.Male Fiddler Crab trying his best to attract a female with his lovely huge claw.  They are about 1 inch across, body-wise.A nice little lizard in our site; he has an orange throat pouch under his chin which he inflates to attract females. Everything around here is in the breeding cycle now! He also pumps his body up and down with his legs to help him stand the heat of the ground.

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I really enjoy your posts and pics! Thanks!


It is always my pleasure! ^_^

Oooooh, lots of wildlife, Auntie!

It sounds as though you are enjoying your trip and I am enjoying sharing it with you. I hope one day that I can paddle across and join you again but for now I can't leave my Una.

Niece Maddie XXX

I understand; Una is of the most importance. Any time you can paddle over here, I would love to see you again. I'm glad you are traveling with me on our trip. :D

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