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I'm sitting here listening to the frog chorus; there must be scores of them out there; one of them sounds just like a frantic woodpecker; a bunch of them sound like little metal clickers you can buy, the kind Sue thought she could train Merry and Ringo with, and the "heyBAYbees" are back with a vengance.

The small bugs are lighting all over the laptop screen; I blow them off because if I squash them, it leaves a mark on the screen. The
no-see-ums made a picnic of my feet and ankles the other night and the mosquitoes zeroed in on me when I walked onto my sister-in-laws' lawn. Nature! Gotta love it! :-p

Ken and I went to the flea market on Saturday morning. It was crowded, as it always is. I bought a floor brush I hadn't realized I needed until I saw it and 2 change purses I needed to keep  the money in that  I'm spending so much of lately. FYI, the people who have the inside booths in the market will not bargain, only the folks outside with their trash and treasures will give you money off the set price. After all, if they don't sell it, they've got to cart it home again. The booths inside are more or less permanent and sheltered.

Sunday, we went to my sister-in-laws for a communal birthday celebration of all the Feb. birthdays. There were 15 of us, with 5 Feb. b'days among us. There was good fried chicken, Waldorf salad, cob corn and chocolate cake and 4 kinds of cheesecake! Begone, foul diet!

Today, we bought some tickets for the spring training Mets games, for March 8th. I surely hope that this year is a better one that last year for my Amazin' Mets! Ya Gotta Believe!

Here's the only pics I was able to get of the Painted Buntings and the Indigo Bunting in Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary. There was a cage built around the bird feeder, so it made good pics a little hard to come by. But those birds are a delight to see.

The female P.B.The male!Darn cage!Crayola colors!Immature IndigoI was so hoping that a mature male would show up; they are such a gorgeous electric blue, but no luck.

Yesterday, I watched a cardinal sit down on the electric wires and sidle over to the 2 doves already there. When he was close enough, he pecked at them until they left! It's mating season and everyone is very territorial!

The Boat-tailed Grackles are trying to attract mates also; the male puts his head down to the ground and flutters his wings above his back. They make a sound just like a baseball card in the spokes of a bike wheel.

I'm having a lot of fun watching these birds; saw the first wood stork I've seen here today. More pics tomorrow.


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