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(no subject)
Today is my birthday! I am ----- years old! Ken took me shopping and out to dinner at Olive Garden (delicious). Tomorrow, he's taking me to the flea market and on Sunday, his sister-in-law is having all of the family over for dinner and celebrating all the Feb birthdays at once. (There are 5 of us).

We're enjoying our stay in Savannas so far, though we still have no t.v. , something we will try to remedy at Watmart's tomorrow. Possibly something is wrong with the antenna. In the meantime, I'm downloading the 3 shows I watch each week. I just have to wait a day or 2 or 3 until they're available.

There are so many dragonflies here, blue and red and black. I guess it's their mating season. I tried to take a pic of them, but they dart around so fast it's not possible.

The other main life form here is the fire ant, which is all throughout FL and many other southern states. When I walk I must always look for the fire ant hills in the grass. Their bite is vicious and some people develop anaphalactic shock from the venom. So far, no bites for me; I keep my eyes peeled!

There are quite a few frogs here in the park now that the water has returned. The ones behind our area are particularly loud and make a sound like a voice being played at 45 rpm, saying "heyBAYbee" over and over. Funny!

I've seen the Kestral again, Shrikes, Kingfisher, Boat-Tailed Grackles, Blue-Grey Gnatcatchers, Yellow-Rumped Warblers, Cardinals, Great Blue Herons, Egrets and of course, the Sandhill Cranes. Soon as I get the pics uploaded and sized, I'll post them.

Here's a few of the birds from the last few weeks:

An Ibis from Raintree.Little Blue
                   Heron from Raintree.Great Blue Heron seen at Naples Zoo.Osprey,Naples ZooBlue-Grey Gnatcatcher; SavannasSame little guyBoat-Tailed Grackle; so called because his tail looks like the keel of a boat. He's 16" long.Look at that iridescence!I put seed out for them so I could take their pics.

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Thank you, thank you! It was a good day. Can't believe I'm -----years old. I only feel 20; some days, 25. ^_~

Hoppy birthday from me too. The weather is mild here at the moment that our pond is full of bonking frogs. They are about a month early.

Thanks, Cedric. I have been around the sun MANY times, but I still feel like a young bun. It's cold here today and tonight, and really windy, so the frogs have all gone to ground again. I kind of miss the "heyBAYbee". ^_^

Happy Birthday for yesterday. Sorry we're a day late but with Una being so pawly.....

Hope you had a good day. We don't have a TV either - but there was rarely anything ever worth watching on it. I prefer to watch my Una any day!

Maddie XXXX

Thank you, Maddie. I'm proud of you for taking such good care of Una.

Luckily, with my MIFI card for my laptop, I can download my favorite shows. Just finished watching Blue Bloods. But if I had a bun, I'd probably be watching him/her instead also.

Hoppy Birthday auntie Nancy.
sorry I'm late .

Emy Rose

That's all right; I thank you for thinking of me. :)

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