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Well, here we are on the otherside of FL; the East Coast in Fort Pierce.

We're in a county park called Savannas. Nice place, full hookups, but no other amenities. And we have NO t.v. reception here! We suspect something may have happened to the antenna. We've been in places with cable up until now. So I will be downloading the 3 programs I watch each week.

Attempted to download NCIS, but it stopped halfway through twice. I'll try again in a few days; maybe it will work then.

On the bright side, this means we'll read more and play some games! Bought a new game called Rummi-cub that we played with my old boss and her friend when we were in N.Ft. Myers. It's fun and it makes you think a little as you play. We'll bring it to Ken's brothers house tomorrow; also the card decks for Hand and Foot.

Last year when we were here this camp had practically no water in the canals. It had been getting drier each year for a while; last year no one could fish or use canoes because of the non-water situation.

This year, thanks to heavy rains last Fall and the release of some water from a lake, there is more water than I've ever seen here. The birds are back and while I haven't seen Wood Storks or Otters yet, the Shrikes, Kestrals, Kingfishers and Sandhill Cranes are here.As soon as I upload the pics I took, I'll put them on here.

In the meantime, here are the pics I took at the N.Ft. Myers Art Fest. These art projects were all done by people under 20!

This was not in the same category; I don't know who made it; it sits in the park by the Marina. Don't know what it is, either, there's no plaque.All made from folded paper!I love
                       this; she's an underwater mermaid.I put this bathtub on FB, but he needs more than just one exposure.This was, as you
                                                                                 can see, covered with buttons!This one was called Melting Colors. I love the rainbow effect.

I hope to find some art shows and things to see on this coast; sometimes it's harder to find stuff here. I'm optimistic!

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interesting pics! Used to enjoy Rummi-cub oncet. Have fun!

I thought the under 20 art was a lot more original than the established art.

I like the "melting crayons"!

Wasn't that great! There were so many really fascinating submissions. Quite a few of them brought your sculpting and painting to mind.

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