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Our time in Raintree is rapidly coming to a close; I am going to miss it a great deal. No campgrounds offer the things to do that this one does. Today, the place held a driveway sale, where everyone brings out the things they don't want any more, put them on a table in their driveway and hope to sell them, either to the other people who live here or to the ones who see the signs posted around the area and drive in.

And of course, there was food; burgers, hot dogs, chips and soda. Thank goodness for those exercise classes!

I bought a nicely colorful large plastic beaded hanging depicting a pink tiger lily which I'm going to use as a trivet.I do love looking at peoples' junk!

Took a side trip to Corkscrew Swamp Sanctuary where we saw some nice birds and a few turtles and gators. I haven't loaded the pics yet, but I have some of the male and female Painted Bunting and the immature Indigo Bunting. I was disappointed that the male I.B. did not show up.

That night, I treated Ken to a dinner at Mel's Diner, where we had a weird experience. One of the managers took the bill with our money in it, came back in a few minutes and gave us change from his own personal wallet! I seriously doubt that our $20 made it from his wallet into the till!

There was a show here last night; a singer who lives here who sang ala Patsy Cline and was quite  good, followed by a female comedian who was very funny. Well worth the $10. Earlier in the day, we went to downtown Ft. Myers again where there was another art show, this time by people from Edison College. Nice things, woefully overpriced.

Took ourselves to the Shell Factory down the road, which is full of every kitschy thing made of shells you can imagine, also very overpriced. The only thing I might have bought was some blue coral, tubular in shape, from I don't know where, but even  the small bunches were $80.

I got some nice pics of the animals at the Naples Zoo. Hope you like them also.....an extremely poisonous African Poison Dart Frog.He's really much more of an Emerald Green with black.a lovely Barn Owl getting a mouse treat.What a face!!an Ocelot, one of the small cats that are being decimated for their coats.This Pout Hound raised a family of coyote pups, who regard her as their mother.Her babies!Striped HyenasThey were mating; he kept biting her neck.Giraffes have the longest, grey tongues!Zebras! Lovely!These are the Honey Badgers from Madagascar. They are immune to snake venom that would kill a man ten times over. They kill the snake, sleep off the effects of the venom, then awaken and eat the snake! They are not afraid of anything; will even steal small kill from lions, who will not engage with them as they are so fierce.They love fruit and cooked sweet potatoes. Honey Badgers, of course, love honey and steal from the hives.Bee stings cannot penetrate their skin.

Tomorrow we'll go to Immokalee casino one moe time, as it's supposed to rain. Monday will be spent doing laundry and packing up to travel east. I will miss this place!!