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(no subject)
Today, we arranged to have our fridge fixed on Tuesday, then did some food shopping to replace the food we had to jettison. We are in a campground in Las Vegas, with full hook-ups. It's not far from the famous casino strip and we are actually within a short 5 minute walk from 3 casinos right here. We gambled a little yesterday (I lost $7). We ate at the casino, which is attached to our campground, then relaxed for the night. We are right on a main road, so there is a lot of traffic. But next to us is a casino which bathes its' building in ever-changing colored lights; it's very entertaining to watch. This morning, we drove to a gold prospecting show in another casino. I bought a pretty pink quartz rock and 2 VERY strong round black magnets (to play with). Then we drove to Boulder City, about 20 miles away, to buy a cow skull for Uncle Andy, as he expressed a wish to have one to decorate. It's all bubble wrapped and is about the size of a 1 year old child. Then we went back to the casino where I won $21! AND, at the gold show, I played a slot machine for about 5 minutes and won $22! But this good luck was balanced out by my discovering that I have lost the battery charger for my camera batteries. So, until I buy a new one, probably on Monday, I cannot download any photos for my journal, as I only have one charged battery to take pics with. Tomorrow, we are off for a day in Death Valley, CA. I'll keep you posted. (=^-^=)

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Mum's getting really tight with my gold coins. Do you think I should take up gambling, auntie N?

Dame Maddie Bun CBE
Profeshunal Shopperererer

Not as a general practice, Maddie; one should only gamble with what one can afford to lose. Common sense tells one that if enough 2-foots were winning enough money, the casinos would all go out of business. It's to be considered entertainment that you pay for. I only play with 1 cent pellet tokens, using about 15 to 25 of them for each fun spin of the reels. But, if you visit again, I can take you to the free buffet, where there are scads of veggies and carrots and lettuces. I know you would like that! (=^-^=)

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