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HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY TO ALL! (This is the Reddish Egret)White PelicansTri-color, all hunched upIbisLittle EgretAnhinga, breeding female, drying her wingsWillets by the scoreall along the shore.Willet, closeupBackside of a Willet

It being a holiday (of sorts) I couldn't really do anything on line; the net was as slow as molasses in January.

I had a slow day,as Ken went fishing on a party boat and line dancing and scrabble were both cancelled, because the clubhouse was in the process of being decorated for the Valentine's Day Dance. There was finger food from 6:30 to 7:30  and band music from then until almost 11.

So my only exercise was the fast 40 minute/2 mile walk around the complex in the morning. Not good from a calorie standpoint. :-P. 

Ken caught a lot of small fish, enough for 2 dinners and we enjoyed the band all night.

Today is much hotter again; high 80's and I've got the fans running. We drove down to South Ft. Myers to have lunch with some old friends in their complex only to find that they had moved to Naples, unbeknownst to us due to a communications mix-up! So Ken and I took ourselves out for lunch. We'll try to see that couple later in the week.

Went to the flea market again in the morn and I bought a cast iron bank of the Victrola dog; the one who was always listening for "His Masters' Voice". He's quite heavy and will join my small collection of banks from lots of other flea markets.

Before I forget about them, here are the rest of the birds we saw in Ding Darling Preserve.......

Little Blue Heron
The Little Blue and the Reddish Egret appear twice here; one of the mysteries of posting that I don't understand!!!!!!!!

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what wonderful pics! Thanks so much for shariing

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