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(no subject)
Cold night and cold morning, so we took ourselves to the local movie theatre. Saw "The Grey". Don't waste your money. A very grey movie indeed, pracitically monochromatic, except for the blood.

It warmed up later on and I took off the winter clothes and put on shorts again. There should be one more cold night, then it will be Summer again.

Tomorrow is Valentines Day! We have ... nothing planned. Though I am taking Ken out to diner at Mel's Diner on Thursday. Ken is not a fan of big crowds, and as Mel's is crowded at the best of times, we'll wait until after the Love Day to eat out.

Ken's off playing poker in the little clubhouse and I am watching old NCIS's on the USA channel while I type.

Next weekend this place is having a sidewalk sale, which means I get to look at all the things people are hoping to get rid of. Could be fun.

Here's what the carnival looked like last weekend:

A jazz band!
The tent which saved us from the rainstorm.One of several Mahogany trees in the camp.When the seed pods are ripe, they split open into 5 pie-shaped pieces which fall to the ground, along with the seed. It's hard to find an unopened one when they fall off.