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Yesterday looked like a rainy day, so we took a ride to a large indoor flea market and spent a few hours wandering from booth to booth seeing what everyone was selling. There was everything from A to Z for sale; from furniture to cars to paintings to clothing for your small animals! I bought myself a mug fashioned like 2 marshmallows sitting on a graham cracker with a slab of chocolate on top of the cracker; in other words, a smores mug.

The day got somewhat warmer and sunnier so we walked around the camp for a while. Last night and today were cold; had the heater back on and long pants, jacket and socks again. It's supposed to be cold tomorrow also, then get hot again. I think we'll probably go see a movie tomorrow.

These colorful little shops are on Malatcha Island, an island built from landfill left over from a bridge building. Once a year here, they have a Mullet throwing contest, with frozen mullet. Always something new and different to learn about, isn't there?

Something even more colorful is this Roseate Spoonbill, which was the only one we saw in Ding Darling Preserve this year. I really thought he only had one leg; it looked like a stump until he began to lower his foot and fan it out.

Aren't they the most marvelous looking bird? He was grooming himself so intently, too. They have that startling splash of gold on their chest and on their butt.

Finally came across some girl scouts selling cookies by the movie theatre when we stopped to see what was playing. In keeping with our goal of losing weight, I donated, but did not buy. (I feel so virtuous. And so hungry).

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I so enjoy your pics!Congrats on not buying cookies. I doubt if I would have been that strong

I am on a mission to lose weight; so far, I'm winning! >-)

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