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After the usual calorie-busting aerobics class this morning, Ken and I rode to the Naples Zoo, about an hour away. We had coupons from the local paper taking money off our admittance price, so we thought "why not use them"?

It was another lovely zoo; not as big as Jacksonville Zoo, but still very much fun. We caught the end of a show which featured a barn owl. The handlers explained how owls find their prey. Their sight is not too good, but they have special ears, one lower down than the other on its' head. By turning its' head back and forth and waiting until the sounds reach its' ears equally, it can locate its' prey unerringly.
They also showed a skunk and an ocelot. Naples is one of the few zoos with an ocelot,as so many are killed for the fur trade. Showed a stat that said between 1960 and '75, over 200,000 small cats were killed world-wide for their fur.

We went on to see the few caged birds that were there and saw the gators and ibises. Didn't watch the gator feeding, because we've seen them eat those huge mammals before. Anyway, gators don't eat a lot in the winter; they can go for months with nothing as they slow their metabolism down.

Saw a very good and educational snake show, with pythons and rattlers, cottonmouths and Gaboon vipers; also Gila Monsters. The snakes were put down on the wood shavings in the pit after being carried around in the trainers' hands and in large hooks for the venomous ones for everyone to look at. I happen to like snakes; used to have a few as pets some years ago. I attempted to get a pic of all of them with their tongues out and was pretty successful.

Tonight, Ken is off in the card room playing poker while I do this, preparatory to watching Tom Selleck in "Blue Bloods". What a handsome guy! (Good show, also).

I just finished reading a book about the real people of Highclere, the fictional "Downton Abbey" on PBS. Lady Almina and her family. Quite interesting; a lot of history of the Great War also. "The War to End All Wars" *sigh*

No exercise classes on the weekend. I shall miss this place and all the fun activities

Here's some older pics not posted yet......An Asian Bear in the Big Cat Habitat in Sarasota.Liger (Offspring of a Tiger and a Lion) getting a drink from the hose. He LOVES it!One of 3 White Tigers they possessed.Comfy!

The animals in this small preserve all come from people who cannot care for them/don't want them any more. Not too many zoos have white tigers, I'm told.

Many towns around the country have contests where sculptures of a particular animal are crafted and displayed around the town, paid for by different sponsors. In Amelia Island, at one time it was lizards. They are mounted on quite a few buildings, but to capture them while we are driving is difficult. These ones I found in an ice cream shop on the beach. Lizards (not quite as colorful as these) are all over in FL, on the sidewalks, on trees, on walkways and benches. They love to sun themselves.

I think tomorrow is going to bring a trip to a few flea markets (can never have too many fleas) and maybe to a camping store. We need a new electrical line to operate my cars brake lights as we tow it. Bon soir!


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