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Today, on our ride down to Imokalee (Im-MOCK-uh-lee) casino, I saw a Panther Crossing sign on the road. The Florida Panther is an endangered species; they are killed by cars too often. In some areas where panthers are known to live, tunnels have been built under the road for their passage, but last year 5 were killed and one was killed just last week. I've never seen one outside of a zoo. Special motion cameras are set up in their known areas to try and determine just how many still exist.

This sign is for something I'll be much more likely to see down here, especially in the park we're going to next.
By the Ding Darling Preserve

After a few hours and a lunch at the casino (I didn't win, which is why I bring my Nook and read these days), tonight was Italian night in the clubhouse. For a small fee, we had Italian sausage with peppers and onions on a club roll, salad, soft drinks and chips, followed by 3 large scoops of Blue Bunny vanilla ice cream (YUM) with green sugar crystals sprinkled on top. Is it any wonder I take 6 exercise classes a week here?

When we walked in the D.D. Preserve, I saw a bun! This small brown thing ran under the boardwalk we were on, then ran back into the woods, where he stopped to eat stuff. I couldn't get a great pic, because of the brush, but here he is....

He's hiding in plain sight.

I wish he had turned around and come back my way, but at least I saw him. He was only about 7-8 inches long.

On the same walk, I saw a Black and White Warbler, only the second one I've seen in 12 years!

Isn't he gorgeous?

Tomorrow brings a night out for dinner and a play with my one-time boss and her boyfriend. Stay tuned!

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Yah, I was lucky to see him; he tried to hide but I found him!


Your post are always so interesting!

Hugs from Hare

Thanx! That bun was so cute, and so small! I'm always pleased when I can find a local bun to photograph.

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