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(no subject)
Today, I walked all around this complex (2 miles) with a lady whom I KNOW is older than me and boy, did she give me a run for my money. By the time we finished our fast-paced walk (40 minutes) I was sweating so much I had to change my clothing before I went to the line dancing class.

Learned one more line dance in that 45 minutes of exercise. If I don't lose weight, there is just no justice!

In the afternoon, I joined 8 other ladies and we played Scrabble for 2 and 1/2 hours. I learned that there are tons of little 2 letter words I never heard of. (They had a list). I had a lot of fun.

Ken spent the day on a fishing boat and came home with another meal for us. Yum!

From a high of a humid 89 today, it's now 69 at night. It makes sleeping so nice!

Here's some road signs that lead the way into the Ding Darling Preserve, some a little blurry because I shot them when we were driving.

They came up out of order; it's supposed to say "Please Slow Down For Us"  I don't know how they got out of order! Anyway, you get the idea. :-)

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The J.N. "Ding" Darling Wildlife Preserve is always a fantastic place to visit. There are always some beautiful birds in evidence.

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