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Yesterday, we drove down to the Fort Myers Marina to see the annual Art Fest, which draws artists from all around the country. The paintings and sculptures and unusual offerings were staggering; both in number and in talent. We walked for blocks to see it all.

Halfway through, we stopped at one of the many food booths to have lunch; Italian sausage for Ken and a personal pizza for me. Delicious!

After seeing everything that was there, I bought myself a small (5 x 5) painting of an orange dahlia (just a head-on view of the flower head) on a black background, which made the dahlia seem to pop off the canvas.

There were many things I liked, but the prices were outrageous. One of my favorite things was a hollow, life-size goat made from oxidized metal, with metal garbage in his stomach. His price was in the thousands! I know artists have to make a profit on their time and materials, but most of those things were far, far out of my price range.

While Ken sat outside next door with out camp neighbors and watched the Super Bowl, I treated myself to two of my favorite movies in the r.v.  I'm afraid I have no interest in sports. x_x

Today, the camp put on a carnival. There was food (of course) which we had to buy tickets for and games which we bought tickets for. There was a board with balloons fixed to it and darts to throw at them; a wheel of fortune where you put your quarter on the number you hoped would come up; a motorized hamster race down wooden lanes; stand-up bingo (you stand until a number on your card is called, then you sit. Last man standing is the winner). I won at the dart toss and the stand-up bingo. There was also a 7 card stud game where you bet 50 cents each hand and a money cube (you stand inside it, air blows dollar bills around and you try to grab them. A lot harder than it sounds).

Luckily, we were all under a huge tent roof, because the first major rain storm came halfway through the games.

To offset all the food I'm eating, I do the aerobics 4 days a week, line dancing one day a week and tomorrow I'll join the 2 mile walk around the park before the aerobics. If I'm lucky, I'll break even with my weight! ^_^

Here's some more cute things I've seen as we drive around......

A different home in Sarasota.

                    The back of someone's truck!
                        The pedal cars in St. Petersburg.
A campers Great Blue Heron
Somebody loves him!
A restaurant on Sanibel Island. She looks really happy!
There are a lot of pipe figures popping up around FL these days.
Quite a few of them are mailboxes.
Our cookout/carnival tent, minus the crowd.If it hadn't poured, I would have gone to get my camera and show the crowd!