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(no subject)
We had the Paddock bbq today; a pulled pork on a soft bagel, really yummy baked beans with bacon and onions in them, potato salad and lemon tart for dessert. Losing weight is the impossible dream.

The day was coudy, cool, sunny, hot, cloudy and cooling down. Typical FL weather for this time of year.

Tomorrow is an Art Fest in downtown Fort Myers, with artists coming from all over to show their things. Should be a lot of fun; plus, we'll eat there; food vendors abound.

Going out for our evening walk around the camp (it's quite large) in an effort to use up some spare calories. Here's some more birds; these are from our camp near Sarasota.

Tufted TitmouseEastern Towhee; a hard bird to catch. He feeds in the brush and doesn't come in the open too often.
The yellow birds above are Pine Warblers.

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thaks for taking us all along to sunny Fla!

You're welcome! (Right now, we're having the third hard rainstorm of the day). ^_~

You need to come in person; we'd show you around. ^_^

Thanx, I hope to see a lot more wild ones as we travel. (Ones in zoos do NOT count).

Thanks, Freddie and Hare; I hope to see a lot more before we're through.

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