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Today was a bit of a relaxing day, once I made it through aerobics class. That little lady really knows how to do a workout!

We did some food shopping, then watched people put up a huge vinyl tent for the carnival on Monday.

There was a bit of rain, mostly mist, for a while and it's very cloudy and about 10 degrees cooler today. I think it's great!

Tomorrow, we're going to the Dollar Store to buy some things for the boxes that are being made up to be sent to the troops overseas. Several women here make up packages to be sent off every month.

Then, there is a pork bbq cookout in the large outdoor area which is called the paddock. Food and drinks provided (non-alcoholic), bring your own chair (and alcohol). There's going to be musical entertainment also.

One of the palm trees here has 2 Pileated Woodpeckers living in it. I was able to get a few pics (not the greatest, as the light was fading). They are the loudest woodpecker around when they peck on a tree; sounds like someone using an axe. I have one pic of the Red-Headed Woodpecker, which is not so great either,as he was a ways away in a park we went to.

He's dug himself a nice little nest in the tree; comes back every year I'm told.I waited around for a while, and he finally came out of his nest.I wish this had come out clearer; he's quite a dramatic looking bird.

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I hope to see some of them again and get clearer pics.

You'll need a vacation after this vacation.

When you're retired, it's all vacation and all good!

Woodpeckers seem so regal! I do enjoy your pics Miss Kitty

Woodpeckers are special; they always have some red on them somewhere. Thanks for the enjoying!

The Pileated is the grandest of all, now that the Ivory-Billed is no more. When he pecks on a tree, he can be heard all over. He looks just like Woody Woodpecker. And the Red-Headed looks as though he was held by the feet and dipped in scarlet paint right up to his neck. I always enjoy the fact that you take the time to look. :-)

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