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Now besides line dancing, I am doing aerobics every day and it is a workout! The lady who teaches it is older than I am; makes me really feel out of shape.

Today, we took a day trip to the J.N.(Ding) Darling wildlife preserve (pics to come another day). It consists of a long drive where you get yourself out of the car at different wildlife viewing points to see what you can see; and some tangential walks.

The strings of lovely Christmas lights around the lake were taken down today; I'm going to miss looking at them every night.

Tomorrow is aerobics in the morning, relaxing for the day, then a music duo at night. I'm loving it!

These are some pics from the Dale Chihuly Museum in St. Petersburg. Photography inside the museum isn't allowed, so there are a few from out front and the rest are from the brochure. The glass creations were quite amazing; most of them were huge.

This creation stands out front of the museum, it's slag glass.Thick sheets of glass which were broken into huge pieces. Seen from inside, the colors are soft pinks and blues, reflecting the air and sky outside. It's an open screen, so sometimes rain and small lizards come in; the floor right inside is small pebbles to drain away the rain.Not by Chihuly, but lovely just the same.Multi-colored Hershey's-like kisses; I bought myself a purple and white swirled one.This is an enormous chandelier in hot pepper red with silver tips. (Brochure pic)These were called "Lightning". (Brochure pic)Lots of the pieces were under-sea themed; these were like anemones. (B.P.)This was a life-size boat, filled with huge glass balls. Another two chandeliers; the hot pepper one and a blue one. These are all about 10 feet high and enormously heavy. They come in pieces that require assembly. They are not really to my taste, but upon seeing them, I realized I had seen like pieces in two different casinos, one in Atlantic City, New Jersey and one in New London, Connecticut. The docent said Chihuly has pieces all around the country.

Another Squiggly chandelier.

There was an underwater seascape which I could not photograph, which was stunning. There was sea grass, frogs, underwater plants, all in marvelous jewel colors and all huge. A most interesting artist!

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If only I could have taken pics inside the museum; the creations were stunning!

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