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(no subject)
Another hot day following a cool night. I thinik that soon we won't have to use the space heater at night.

I did the line dancing class again today, it's a lot of fun and a good workout. I checked out the scrabble games that go on Tuesdays at 1; but we decided to ride to another preserve and walk around. Next Tues I'll join the players.

Tomorrow is Feb already!  20 more days living here and we'll be moving on! I do like all the activities that are offered and Ken is enjoying the heated pool. He's off to swim even as I type. Tomorrow, he'll be going out for the day on a fishing boat and I'll search on line for things to do in Fort Pierce, our next destination. (Tomorrow is also low-impact aerobics at 9 a.m. and free popcorn at 2). That's why I need the aerobics. There is a lot of emphasis on food here!

I took a lot of pics of birds in Myakka State Park; didn't post all of them yet. Here's the rest!Lesser YellowlegsRoseate SpoonbillsBlacknecked StiltBlue Winged TealLongbilled DowitcherSong 
                 Sparrow ( I think)Red Winged Blackbird and a Catbird.

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