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It was a surprisingly cool night here last night; we had to use our electric heater again and I think we'll need it tonight also. But by 11 it is nice and sunny and warmer.

We went to an antique gun show held in the local Shriners Temple.  $8 each to get in, but the money goes to help injured children. The guns were antiques from the Civil War and from out West. Plus, an astouding amount of guns and relics from WW2 Germany. From the amount of things displayed, every soldier must have brought home at least one thing!

There were uniforms and helmets and medals and tons of Lugers and photos of German soldiers, somebody's loved ones who were killed or captured. There were photos of Hitler and his friends and fellow soldiers that looked as though they were taken yesterday!

I bought a small pin commerorating the founding of the factory that made the VW. It was a VW with the name of the factory and the date it opend in German, with a half of a swastika inside a gear wheel rising up behind the car. I thought it nicely illustrated Hitler's plan for helping all the Germans to be more prosperous, with the swastika foreshadowing how things would turn out.

Tomorrow, we are driving down to a casino to try our luck. I'm taking my Nook, so I can read when I tire of giving my money to the greedy machines.

Here's some more pics for those of you who like to look........I thank you for looking!

This guy took great pleasure in sucking out all the water he could get from our squeegee in our Sarasota camp.Just as beautiful as the ones at home!
                                    A Wood Stork in flight.Two Wood Storks enjoying the water together in Myakka State Park.You're not in FL unless you see trucks full of oranges on the road.Saw this car at a yard sale we went to in one of the communities here; notice the eyelashes above the headlights. I've actually seen other cars with lashes down here!

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Squeegee squirrel's a little strange! That can't be good for him.

Well, it only had clean water on it. He didn't seem to chew on it, only lick it. I guess in the dry areas, you take your drinks where you can find them. ^_^

I do enjoy your pics! Thanks for sharing!


Love sharing them; love it that you look!

We had a few flakes of snow today, but it didn't stick.

Enjoy your travels, auntie.

Ah, snow! I haven't seen any since that tiny flurry we had in Oct. But last Dec/Jan we saw enough to last for a long time!

We are having a smashing good time down here! Thanks!

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