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Had another nice day here. The complex had a craft fair; I bought a cute seahorse necklace and earrings. Then we drove to the next complex where there was a yard sale and I bought a history of Popeye. Between those two things, I've seen my years worth of stuff!

We saw the movie "War Horse" yesterday; it was very good. Ate a huge bag of popcorn between us, which, if we wanted to we could have had refilled for no charge. You'd have to be a real popcorn junkie to handle that.

We have all sorts of things to do and places to go lined up for the month of Feb. We're doing more on this vacation than we've ever done! I think I like this!

Here is the pic of the glow-in-the-dark buns that Andy made for Sue. He patterned them after the buns in the Wallace and Grommit movie about buns.

Their eyes and their teeth glow in the dark! The entry to Raintree ResortThe
                          turnaround where the bbqs take place.Our site; small, but it fronts on the lake.
                                Us from across the lake.The hot dog cookout......and a
                    happy customer.The popcorn machine which dispenses popcorn every Wed from 2 until 3, free of charge.

Since we're having a fun time, we will probably sign up for a month next year before we leave. The same people are usually here, so we've made some friends. It's central to lots of things, so we won't be bored!

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Mr Andy should make more jewellery. He could even sell it on the internet for gold coins - I know Una would like some nice earrings. Not sure about Inga though...??

No, I won't be requiring any earrings, Mother!!!

Maybe a nice tiny gold nose hoop?

Do bunnies pierce their ears? They would need very light ones so their ears would not flop down.

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