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(no subject)
A bun in Disney Animal Kingdom in Florida.The store buns shop at in Uvalde, Texas.a bun in Big Bend Park in Texas, a desert cottontailanother bun of the same kind.a very proud bun in the Roswell, New Mexico Art museuma Quartzsite, Arizona bunsame bunI got him in action!he was fun to watchchecking for any troublea bun can never be too careful.a black tailed jackrabbit in Joshua Tree ParkPeople were coming on the trail.I think he's an old bun; never seen a pouch on a bun before.he looks like a granddaddy buna much younger Joshua Tree jackrabbit in our campsite.same bun. These are all my buns so far.
This is a special entry for all my bun friends out there and the 2-foots who love them. These are some of your wild cousins that I have seen so far on our trip.

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They're tiny and so lanky (just like me!)

Jackrabbits are really long-legged; there huge ears help them cool off in the hot weather. And you, Dame, are svelte!

Where can I find a store like that?

What? you want to eat 2-foot food?
There's a Prter Rabbit shop in York that sells all kinds of rabbit themed things for 2-foots.

Not (gasp) food shaped like buns, I hope! Although, here in some of our stores, you can buy macaroni shaped like buns. (It's organic, too, like buns).

NO, there are books, and pottery, and toys & stuff.

Now, that I would like, especially the Books and the Stuff.

You might have to travel to Texas, unless Beatrix Potter has a store of her own some where. It looks like a store buns would particularly like.

"Peter Rabbit's Fast Foods"? I'm afraid to ask what's in those burritos!!!

Only healthy, veggie food, I'm sure.

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