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There is a lot to do in this resort. Wed night, we were treated to the ice cream social for $1.50 each. That bought us 3 large scoops of vanilla ice cream, garnished with chocolate and caramel syrup, pineapple, strawberries, chopped walnuts and a cherry! We sat and ate and talked with others for an hour, then the horse races started. Six carved wooden horses set on a large wooden table marked out with 14 squares in each of 6 rows. Six dice of one color each, matching the colors of the six horses. When the six dice were tossed, the colors were checked and the horses moved forward accordingly: 2 yellow dice, 2 squares forward for yellow horse; 1 red die, 1 square forward for red horse, etc, matching up all of the 6 dice for each throw. I bet 1 quarter on each of the 6 races, won one race, winning back all of my $1.50, so I didn't spent any money at all for the night, which was a lot of fun. (There was a ceiling camera which projected the race onto 2 screens).

This morning, it was raining hard for a while, so we took ourselves to the movies to see "War Horse" which turned out to be an excellent movie. The afternoon was nice, so we walked around and sat around and read.

Yesterday, we visited my old boss in the gated community she lives in now. Had a very nice dinner, cooked by her (she was the cook I took ove from in my first school) and shared with her and her boyfriend. then we played a game called Rummikub (rummycube) which is very entertaining and today, I bought one for us in Publix. We'll teach it to Ken's cousin and his wife when we get home.

Tomorrow is the craft fair being put on here and then we'll go to Prairie Park, a preserve right near here. I don't plan on buying any crafts, but it's fun to look. Besides, hot dogs and burgers are being cooked and served!

Here's a few double reflections I shot on a calm day in Myakka Preserve. Great White EgretTricolor HeronFlorida 'gator!This is what he looks like when he watches you from the lakes on the golf courses.

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awesome pics my friend. I want to see War Horse!

Nice wildlife. We have a long staying great white egret down the road from us. They have never bred in the UK before, so I'm hoping this one finds a friend.

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