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(no subject)
So far, Raintree Resort is very enjoyable. They've got efficient washers and dryers within walking distance, which is so convenient.

Sunday night, I joined many score of people in the clubhouse to watch "The Help". I had actually seen it last year with a friend, but it bore a second watching quite well and it was a far sight better than watching a football game on our t.v. Besides, for my $2 I got a soda and a bag of popcorn!

This morning, I went to the beginners line dancing group, which offers nice exercise while dancing to music. Already knowing how to do the Electric Slide from many wedding attendances was a plus. There were about 20 women and 1 man in the class. It was fun; I'll go each Tues that we're here.

We're getting the local paper delivered for the month so that we can see what's happening around here that we would like to  experience. So far, I've only found an art show in early Feb, but there will be a carnival here and a cookout every Sat. Tomorrow night is an ice cream social and horse racing, which I'm told we can bet a quarter on. I feel a bit as though I'm living in a retirement home, but it's only for one month so I'll be able to move on, unlike real retirement homes. ^_~

It's a good thing that we don't have any pets, because there is one restrictive rule here; all pets must be kept off the ground; no paws may touch any surface of the park! Those with dogs must walk them outside of the park and all pets, when not in their homes, must stay in their cars or in their strollers. Dame Maddie and Emy-Rose, you'd feel right at home!

When our daughter-in-law, Sue, passed away, I inherited all of her bunny earrings, all 12 pairs. Early this morning, I discovered something about one pair which I never knew. It's a pair that Andy made for Sue and I discovered that after they've been exposed to light, their eyes and mouths glow in the dark! I went in the bathroom in the dark and found 4 little eyes and 2 little mouths glowing greenly and phosphorescently at me! Cute!

Here's the last of my zoo bird photos, from the Jacksonville Zoo.......

Flamingoes in all their beauty.I love their beaks, they use them upside down in the water.This is a Cassowary; it has a pre-historic looking blade on it's head!Strange, no?And this lovely bird is a Lorikeet. After this pic, my camera batteries ran out and I hadn't brought the spares with me!

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I didn't know Mr Andy made jewellery? It would be nice to see the glow-in-the-dark bunnies, Auntie.

If I had a nice Dame-Mobile like Emy-Rose's, I'd like to be pushed around your park....

Maddie xxxx

Mr. Andy doesn't really do jewelry; he made those especially for Sue. I'll try to take a pic of them so I can post it. Can't take one of them glowing; my camera won't take pics in the dark.

If you were here, I would push you around the park. If you had no Dame-Mobile, I would be more than happy to carry you.

He's a talented man Mr Andy.

His talents are many; he is a Rennaisance man. (Not sure if that's properly spelled).

Mum have some rings and necklaces in the shape of rabbits.
I would be happy to take a walk with my Auntie Nancy and Lady Maddie in a Buggy-Bun .


I have 12 pair of bunny earrings, I wear a different pair every day. I've got 3 holes in each ear, so the bunny earrings, which dangle, are always on the bottom of my ears.

If you ever come across the Pond, I would love to see you. (Though I speak no French, unfortunately).

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