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Now we are ensconced in Ft. Myers, where we will stay for one month! From here, we can day-trip to lots of nearby towns; plus the camp itself, which is really more like a private town, has a  lot of activities. Tomorrow, I'll attempt line dancing for beginners!

We rode to the DeSoto Monument the other day, which is more or less the place where DeSoto and his men set foot in FL. There's a museum and some huge Gumbo Limbo trees and a nature trail, which has signs detailing how the Spanish really interacted with the Indian natives, such as the fact that they put collars and chains around their necks and used them as slaves.

There are fiberglass figures all along the trail, depicting the various peoples.

the monumentA Spanish Conquistadorthe unlucky nativesthe pigs; DeSoto brought 7 with him and left more than 700 behind, which continue to ravage FL and many other states today!

We also drove to St Petersburg, to see the pier, which is pretty well known and a big tourist destination. St. Petersburg, on Tampa BayA bronze statue of a newsboy. The St. Petersburg Herald said that they would give their paper away free on any day that the sun didn't shine. Over 76 years, they only gave it away 296 times!The pier, which houses shops and restaurants. It reminds me of an airport tower and also, a Mondrian painting.A crow in the outdoor restaurant on the roof; he has a broken beak.

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We are enjoying it; hope you're doing much better! *hugs*

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