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We've been in Lake Manatee for the last week and tomorrow we're heading further south to Ft. Myers, where we'll spend a month.

It's really shorts weather now. The days are in the high 70's while the nights still require the heater to be run.

We've never stayed anywhere for a month before. I hope to find lots of extracurricular things to do in the area. At least I know I will have plenty of books to read, thanks to my Nook!

Here's some fun things I saw along the way as we drove.......
Sometimes dogs like to ride in the back of the truck.A local water towerElsie the Borden cow! When I was a child, Borden used to publish a small comic in the paper, featuring Elsie, Elmer the Bull, her husband and their 2 children, whose names I've forgotten. I haven't seen Elsie in years!Local pride!Muy delicioso!Chairs with personality!

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They live in the Jacksonville Zoo and can be visited daily.

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