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(no subject)
We drove down to St. Petersburg yesterday to see the Salvador Dali museum. It was extremely interesting; he certainly saw the world through different eyes! No pics were allowed inside the gallery, but I took a few of the building and the garden.
Dali's famous mustache.

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Unusual piccies, Auntie!

Maddie xxx

It was a most unusual museum. I wish it had been permitted to take pics inside; some of the paintings are so different from the ordinary type of art one sees in the museums.

wow! The places I've been reading your journal MIss KItty!

I feel very well traveled indeed!

Love, Hare

I love taking everyone along with me. Soon as your eyes are all new, you'll travel too!

Looking forward to travel. HUGS

Bet that was a good visit! Love his melting clocks.

His paintings are so complicated; you have to look and look and look again to see all the hidden layers. The one I liked the most was his painting of large black ants with some wheat stalks.

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