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(no subject)

Last night the temps dropped to 23 and it was cold! Setting our heater to 90 brought the temp up to 70 inside. Brrrrrr!
Today, we drove a few more hours south and now we are near Lake Manatee. The air is balmy, the breeze a little cool. We will probably use our heater tonight, but it will only be sporadic. Ranger told us it's supposed to get cooler in the next few days. We are here for 6 days, so we'll see what happens. Still not shorts weather!

It's very quiet here; back of the beyond. We do have some t.v. reception, but not all the channels we'd like. Good thing I can download my programs to the laptop.

We'll see my cousin (my last remaining one) while we are here. There's not as much family as there used to be these years. I think there are a few area museums in the offing, also. ^_^

Here's some more of the fantastic birds from the JAX zoo. I do love to see the birds!

The Crested CraneGood hair day!A kind of Toucan???This one had a musical call, almost a whistle; answered by another one a few feet away.Scarlet Ibis! Never seen one in the wild, only in zoos.

I know bird lovers will like these pics. Hope the rest of you do, also. ^_~

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We don't say so enough, but we always enjoy your pictures, Auntie. You see all sorts of bunderful tweets!
Love Friska and (useless) 2-foot, Maria.

I'm glad that you like them; it makes me want to post more, knowing that people enjoy them. ^_^

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