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(no subject)
We drove to Wildwood today; it's outside of Ocala, FL. The day is sunny, but cool. Definitely not shorts weather yet.
The place where we are is a little out of the way. While I have wifi reception, thanks to my wifi card, there is no t.v. and not much phone. So I guess tonight, we will read and play cards. I LOVE to play cards!

In the last campground, we were about 30 seconds away (as the jet flies) from the Jacksonville airport, so we got to see (and hear) the jumbo jets up close and personal as they came in for their landings. Luckily, the flights didn't start early in the morn and didn't go much past 11 pm.

Had a lot of fun at the Jacksonville Zoo, where everything in there, from A to Z was donated by either corporations, for the buildings, or individuals, for the exhibits and animal areas. Never been to a zoo that was all publicly funded before.

Here's some of my zoo pics; I took so many I won't put them all up at once.Althought there were the usual lions and jaguars and leopards and great apes and such, I concentrated mostly on the birds, which were amazing. Most of their names I don't remember, because they didn't come from this continent at all. But they were all beautiful!
This turtle was at the entrance.

A Roller3 foot tall vulture!
I'll put up some more pics tomorrow!

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Interesting zoo and cool birds.

You know how I love birds; they were the best part of the zoo for me!

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