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We are fast becoming a nation of walls on all of our roads, walling us off from anything that might be fun to look at. Supposedly,the walls protect nearby houses from the noise of the traffic. I imagine they cost a lot of money, for something that's not too pretty....Today, we had a sunny day and we spent it at the zoo! The Jacksonville Zoo had so much to look at and many lovely kinds of birds. The most impressive thing was that everything was donated by someone! From A to Z, benches to cafes, all was donated! Pics to follow on another day.

Ken and friend in an Outdoor World, where stuffed animals abound!

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Not pretty, but at least your roads aren't congested!

Only because it's winter and we're not on the main roads; we try to take the loops around the bigger cities. But, actually,there hasn't been too much traffic this year. I think the constant raise in the price of gas is keeping many people closer to home. We put 30 gallons of gas in the r.v. today for a cost of $120.

You're still lucky. 30 gallons of diesel here would cost £195 - almost double your price :(

It's becoming tough everywhere to just take off and travel; one has to make sure one can afford it first! *_*

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