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Today we rode all the way through South Carolina to Georgia, with rain keeping us company all the way. At times, the rain was coming down so hard that we could hardly see the road!

Now, in GA, it seems to have stopped. The temp outside is in the mid-60's, so it's really good. All we need is some sun! According to the weather channel, it will drop down into the 40's as the week goes on. But tomorrow we will be in Florida, so we'll see what happens.

Down the road from our New Jersey campground, there was a petting farm. The inhabitants were so cute I had to walk back and get my camera, then walk back to the farm, thereby getting in my walking for the day. Here's the cuties.....
Cute name, huh?

                                   Some goats and their house.
Mr. Vietnamese Pot-Bellied Pig
Some more goats

                                This guy had nice horns.
There were full-size horses and this miniature pony.
For good measure, there was a large metal rooster!

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Still raining here and will for most of the night from what I read. We were behind in our rain, so it's not a bad thing. They were forecasting heavy winds for tonight, but so far so good. When I saw the huge ring around the moon last night I knew we could expect a rainy day.

We drove into the GA campground and the sun came out and it was balmy! Had a decent night, not too cold. Drove to Jacksonville today. Had plans to see Johnny and Michelle, but they have gone to AL to see her family as she's being deployed to Bahrein for a month.

Today is balmy, but tomorrow and the next day will be cold again. Can't break out the shorts just yet.

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