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We rode through the heavy fog and mist today, from Virginia all the way through North Carolina, from the north to the south of it. It's warmer here and we are hooked up nicely to the campground water. It's not supposed to freeze tonight so we will not have to use our water pump, which sounds like an 18-wheeler putting on its brakes.

I have spent another hour on the phone with the Verizon techies and I think the problem with my laptop connectivity has been fixed!

Here's some pics from our New Jersey camp, where it was very cold and the pond had ice on it. Right now, it's 71 inside and 57 outside and we don't even have the heater on! The last few nights we ran it all night on high to stay toasty warm.

The duck pond in N.J.

No pooping, please!The eagle who was under the flagpole, wearing his rosary beads. 
Some of the ducks on the cold duck pond.
A Mallard and a ?

                             Lots of happy Mallards.

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Sorry I missed your call.

Glad it's a little warmer for you. They predict thunderstorms for us tomorrow, but we'll see. Looks like you may be running into some rain.

Re: Sorry I missed your call.

We certainly did! All through S.C. it pounded down and visibility was almost zero! Now we are in GA and it's just dripping. Not freezing anymore either, a definite plus.

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