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(no subject)
We left home yesterday in nice mild weather and had a warm day but a cold night in New Jersey. Temps were below freezing! We had to disconnect from the water line so our lines would not freeze. Then today, it was COLD and as we drove into Virginia, it SNOWED! We had to go South to find cold weather and snow! Tonight will also be below freezing (in Virginia) but hopefully tomorrow will be warm. Good ride though, with no problems and a stop in Maryland for a yummy cup of vanilla coffee.
Riding through New Jersey
2 hitchhikers on a truck tire at a truck stop
A fun bus on the road in Maryland
These always make me think of Mandarin gentlemen walking in file, with the top being their hats and the middle V being the eyes
Or perhaps, alien creatures coming to take over the Earth!

Having had much trouble connecting my laptop to the internet, I ended up calling a techie and finding out that I should never plug the mifi device into the laptop. Live and learn (and gnash ones' teeth).

Here's hoping tomorrows drive will be just as event-free as today!

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I thought you brought the cold.

It's been really warm here in NC/VA since NYE but of course changed just as you are passing through. Today we had a cold, damp rainy day. Brrr.

Enjoy the sights. I always enjoy your commentary. Mary

I'd like to see some snow....

Have a good trip, Auntie

Maddie xxx

I like snow as a rule, but not when I've left home to avoid it. However, although the air was full of snow, none of it stuck to the ground. Today is a nicer, warmer day, with possibly rain tonight. But I have gotten my laptop problems fixed (I hope) and we are connected to the water supply, as it's not supposed to freeze tonight, so all is good. By the way, be careful what you wish for!

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