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We spent the last two days in Joshua Tree National Park, in CA. another member park of the Land of No Reception. It was dry camping, no water, no electric, no sewer. And for the first time, bathrooms with no showers, no paper towels and no lights for the night. It is way far in off the roads; too hard to bring electric in. It's vast, like Big Bend in TX. We drove all around, seeing all the roadside exhibits and walking a lot of the trails. The Joshua trees only grow at these dry, high elevations. Because we were in a high desert area, it was not too hot in the day, and got down to 50 at night. With no heater, that meant 50 indoors too. But the flowers were wonderful; saw some great birds and some animals. Our fridge, unfortunately, has quit working, so we have thrown out some perishables and are hoping to get it fixed in Las Vegas, where we are now, this Monday. We drove 7 hours to get here today; went to one of the (MANY) casinos for dinner and a little time with the slot machines. We are in a campground that is right on a main road in Vegas, so it may be a noisy night. ( Actually, we are going to be here for 11 days, the longest, I think, that we have ever stayed in one spot). There is a lot to see in this area. They ask if you've any plants or producethese signs are in every state we pass thruBarker Dam, built for one-time cattle ranch in desertcow trough and rock climbersJoshua trees; an extreme form of Yuccathe dark line is the Faulta goggle eyed buck toothed stone frogskull rock!a scary rock faceAnna's HummingbirdA.H. singing, with neck feathers fanned out